Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Geez

Internships acquired.

Two internships--one at OddLot Entertainment and one at Eclectic Pictures. I'm so excited to start working there. Now, all I need is a job.

Now, to get to what this post is really about.
I've been talking to 4 of my friends about their 'man' issues recently. I've decided that's one of my callings in life, by the way, giving advice about men. I have no idea how it happened. It's the blessing and the curse of growing up with 3 brothers, I guess. Anyway, I was talking to one friend in particular, high on chick flicks, frustrated with men in general, and we got to talking about her latest project- writing a letter to the men in our lives--sort of a blanket "what girls want" out of relationships and what-not. She asked me to do the same. So, I started thinking about it, and this is what came out. I won't post everything we came up with; I'll only give you the first four or five. I think they're pretty good ones...

Keep in mind, I don't usually do this unless provoked. This isn't a blog about boys, just a post.

-Pragmatism is good. I'd much rather get to know a guy on a personal level than be bombarded by flowers and all that. But, it's nice when a guy steps it up every once in a while, like not letting a girl take the bus home at midnight in Los Angeles (it's really a funny story...).

-I've always liked it when a guy can make me feel like a girl. It's nice feeling like one of the guys-it's comfortable/ fun- but it also feels really good to take a break from having to be an adult who has to run their life and get honked at by mechanics all day and just be treated like a smart, pretty, interesting girl.

-Letting things go on forever without talking or progressing is bull. Man up and talk about what you want to happen with whatever situation you're in with the person you're romantically involved with. This is one of the most frustrating situations ever. I hate it.

-Be honest, no matter the situation. That one's pretty cut and dry. Being lied to is one of the worst feelings in the world.

-If you're interested in a girl, let her know. Don't make her come to you. I've never heard a girl say, "I love how good he is at playing games and being aloof." If you care, show it.


Haha. Alright, that's all I got for now. I don't want this to turn into one of those lists about how much girls love it when you notice their eye color or how guys should show up at the movies with a girl's favorite candy and not be afraid to cry in front of her.

Now, I've got some chick flicks to catch up on.

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