Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm big in Japan.

There's a different breed of human that exists between the hours of midnight and 5 am in Los Angeles. They're all male, they all love to yell, and they all want sex. As I was walking home down La Brea Avenue at 3 am, I had at least 7 different guys stop and cat call me. Not a big deal, unless you consider the fact that the walk itself is only about 7 minutes. In the back of my mind I kept thinking "This is how D list celebrities must feel when they get big in Japan."

I'm big on La Brea Avenue at 3 am.

It all started when I went to Glendora to hang out at Lars' while he helped host an Indian dinner for some people from the singles' ward. I wasn't really looking forward to the trek, just because buses and I aren't on the best terms at the moment. BUT, it was a chance to go to Glendora, one of my favorite places in California thanks to Lars and Jeff, meet people from the singles ward, see Lars, and get out of Los Angeles for a little bit--all good things.

I got on the 733 downtown-everything's good. I'm on the bus looking for my stop when I realize that the bus driver has passed it. I ask her when I can get off, and the conversation goes something like this.

Annalee: Hi, I missed my stop. When's the next stop?
Driver: Where are you trying to go?
Annalee: Ummm Spring and's back there a ways.
Driver: Spring and 1st is back there. You missed it.
Annalee: Yeah, haha, I know. Is there a way I can get off and just walk back there?
Driver: You missed your stop, so you'll have to walk back there.
Annalee: Okay....can I do that?
Driver: Okay, but you'll have wait and get off and walk.
Annalee: Right, so can I get off here?
Driver: Wait a minute...(literally waits a minute and opens the door).

So I walked about a half mile back to the stop and saw my bus pull away as I was about a block away. Luckily there was one about five minutes later, so I got on it and made it to Glendora. I waited in a Walgreens parking lot and Lars picked me up. I have to say it was really nice seeing him. It would've been nice to see anyone that I know's face, but his especially.

Anyway, we had dinner, which was delicious, then went swimming, which was great, except I spent the whole time trying not to get wet since I had to ride the bus home, then we had dessert and talked shop for a little more than an hour, and I was off again. I got a ride to Pasadena from Cody Owens, and we did some BYU-I reminiscing. I got on the 11:50 train from Pasadena to Union Station, prepared to get on the 1:00 am 33 bus from Downtown LA to La Brea/Olympic. I walked around downtown LA for a little bit, looking for the bus-stop, and I got the distinct feeling like I was an idiot for being there by myself. I'm not afraid of being by myself at night, but even I knew I was pushing my luck with this stunt.

I got the the bus stop and waited until 1 am. When the bus finally drove right past me. So...I waited until 2 am. There were a few weird moments, most coming from guys insisted that they give me a ride home, or told me I was really pretty and wanted my number. While I waited I made friends with two really cool, really nice older men- one named Paco and one named Larry. Paco came across the street from the other bus stop and proceeded to lecture me about being out so late. When he saw that I was reading about film, he told me I was going to be a big star. He kept me company until he got on the 70 bus back east. Larry, another older guy, came up and started chatting about where I was going and why I was out so late, then we talked about our mutual dislike of the late night bus schedule.

I got on the 2 am 33 bus towards Santa Monica, and let me tell you, there are some shady characters on that bus. I don't mean to stereotype or anything, but I was the only white person on the bus, one of two females (the other was a roughly 40 years old, heavier-set, who was sleeping with her mouth open and head bobbing from side to side; I was trying to hard not to laugh), and I had the impression that everyone on that bus thought I was nuts and/or wanted me out of there. There was one guy, in particular, who made his disapproval very clear. So, I pretended to read my book while I was really nodding off because I was so tired. I finally got home around 3 and went to bed.

So, while I love Los Angeles, and I'm glad that I got to meet Larry and Paco (bus buds 4 eva), I don't think I'll be doing that again. Mama didn't raise no foo.

That's all I got.

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