Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good things.

It's been quite the few days since I've updated this thing. I've been doing a lot of sample coverage writing/reading of scripts, etc. I also had an interview yesterday and two more before Monday. Things are picking up, and I'm really liking where they're going.

Caitie came into town Saturday. It felt SO good having her there. We went to Kogi and Yogurtland (right across the street from each other-a sign straight from God). We walked around a little bit, went to Ralphs, caught up, and hung out back at Leanne's place. When we got home we were bombarded by Barrett and his friends who started playing an X Men drinking game. Sometimes I really wish I drank, because this was a doozy. Then, Barrett and I stayed up until about 6 am talking about random stuff and watching random TV shows. I don't know how much of the conversation he remembered in the morning, but it was also a doozy.

The next morning we went to church (my first sacrament meeting in almost 5 weeks). Just being in the building was a relief, let alone taking the sacrament. After sacrament, Caitie, Lars and I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love- a movie I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Afterwards, we went to lunch with Caleb, then back to Glendora. Glendora was its usual Glendora self- perfect. We hung out at Lars' then went hiking up to Larsland for pictures and, for some people who will not be mentioned, a lil sum' sum'.

This week's been pretty all over the place. Caitie and I went to Santa Monica on Monday, I spent the day writing/reading on Tuesday, then yesterday I had an interview with Voltage Pictures. I decided to walk home afterwards, which is the best and worst thing I did all day. The walk was gorgeous, but my heels were killing me. I ended up stopping at an ethnic specialty store for some food (good), my feet were still killing me (bad), I bought flip flops at Target for the walk home (good), by the time I got half-way home I couldn't tell whether my skin was tan or just dark because of soot (bad), I bought hair-dye so that I can finally get my hair back to the way it's supposed to be (good).

The best part about walking home, though, was that I got to donate blood in a random Cedars Sinai donate-blood-mobile. BONUS, for donating blood they gave me two free tickets to the LA Galaxy on Saturday. BOOM!

Since tomorrow's probably the last free day I'll have for a while, I'm going to the MOCA for a screening of The Cool School. I'm pretty stoked. I saw a few minutes of it back in the day, but I never got to finish it. Is gon be good.

That's all I got.

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