Thursday, April 23, 2009


So there are some questions I've been thinking about the past couple of days...

1. Why do nursing majors travel in packs?
2. Why can I not stop calling people from my cell on accident?
3. Why are all guys so bad at giving anything?
4. What makes the Plasma Center think anyone would ever want to watch The Chronicles of Riddick?
5. Who was the first person to look at the udders of a Cow and say "I bet whatever liquid comes out of there tastes awesome?"
6. How did I becme addicted to Honey Nut Scooters?...and why Honey Nut Scooters?
7. How is it possible that all men look amazing in Ducati jackets?
8. Where does one get a brain like Demetri Martin?

That's about it.
It's been a good couple of days. Classes are going splendidly, and so is pretty much everything else...except for the wind. Seriously, if I jumped up in the air, I'd fly back five feet.

Quote of the Day: "Don't get caught." - Brother Whoolery

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