Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fivel Goes West

I'm FINALLY in Utah. It feels like I haven't been here for years. Then again that might just be because yesterday felt like a decade.

Actually yesterday really started Monday night. Lark, Mary Alice and I have a tradition that on the last night of my break we stay up late while I finish packing and watch movies and talk and eat junk food. Well that didn't actually start until about 11:00 at night... but Mary Alice and I stayed up anyways while Lark slept on the couch. We sat in my cramped, suit-case filled room while I sorted through clothes and accesories for what seemed like hours, all while watching material Girls. It felt so good to just sit and hang out with them. It really made me not want to leave. I love those girls so much. I already miss them. Anyways Mary Alice and I fell asleep on the floor around 2 in the morning, using suitcases and clothes as pillows. It was the PERFECT way to spend the last night in the house. 2 hours later I woke up for my last rehab session at the gym, then back home ot say my goodbyes. The whole morning felt so weird. I really wanted to get back out west, but I didn't want to leave home. I especially didn't want to leave my mom. I'm going to miss her more than just about anyone else. She really is my best friend.

Anyways! On to the flights... let me preface this by saying that if you have any doubt in your mind as to whether or not you're too large to fit into your seat on the airplane, go ahead and shoot for that extra seat, for the sake of everyone around you. The man sitting next to me from Virginia to Vegas was a...larger man, and Southwest's seats are already pretty small, and let's just say the math didn't quite add up. I was shoved against the window of the plane the entire ride. My back hurt so much from leaning away from him by the time I got to Vegas that I couldn't put my backpack on when I got off the plane. It was the most painful flight I'd ever been on. The next flight wasn't too bad. I finally got into Utah around 5 and met up with Erin. We headed back to the Grandparent's house, then her house, then to the BRITNEY SPEARS CONCERT! Well first we went out for dinner at Z'Tejas then to the concert. The concert was pretty tight. It didn't feel too much like a concert, actually. But the girl knows how to put on a show. The REAL fun started after the concert, waiting in the parking garage for 45 minutes playing Name That Tune. No one knows why it took the parking attendent 45 MINUTES to get everyone out of there. was fun.

And so now I'm sitting here, watching the snow fall down in the middle of April, waiting to go baby-shopping with the lovely Miss. Cory. It feels so good to be back. It's like the calm before the storm that is school. I'm so anxious to get back and start working, though. I'll probably be saying something completely different in a week, but for now I'm really looking forward to it.

Quote of the Day: "thucking geish."

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