Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sept. 16, 2011

This past week has been the greatest of my life here in Los Angeles. Actually, we'll make it the past two weeks. Soo much as happened, and it's all been awesome. Seriously, I could not be happier.

We'll start with two weeks ago--the weekend Jeff came to town to visit. It was such a great weekend, for lots of reasons. It's always nice to see familiar faces in Los Angeles, but I've missed Jeffrey Harrison White a lot. Those of you who know Jeff will understand why. Anyway, I went to his brother's wedding reception with him and the rest of his family. It was a nice, chill party with lots of cool people. I got to hang out with the Whites all night long, which is always a good thing. That night we went back to the White's house, watched Dr. Who, then Jeff and I slept outside by their pool. Waking up poolside under a palm tree the next morning was saweet, my friends, I highly recommend it. That morning we picked fruit, went longboarding (Jeff went longboarding, and tried to teach me how to longboard), then took Jeff to the airport. Good stuff.

The next weekend was my birthday. I know I've already written about it, but I have to write SOMETHING about it here. It was the perfect day as far as birthdays go. I got to talk to everyone I wanted to talk to, I got to go to church and chill out for the day, relaxed at home, got a homemade meal from Leanne, made friends on the bus to and from church. It was all perfect. Also, Leanne made out with Jason Segel the night before, making it the perfect send off from being 21.

My internships are going well. I'm actually quitting one of them, the one at Vendome Pictures. I've just decided it's not where I want to spend my time. Instead, I'll be volunteering at 826LA in Echo Park. SPEAKING OF 826LA IN ECHO PARK, I went there for an orientation yesterday, and I couldn't stop smiling. It's exactly the kind of thing I've been missing out here. I mean, working in film is awesome, but the personalities involved in film are a very particular type. Walking into 826LA felt immediately different than walking into work, in a good way. The people are awesome, and I'm soooo excited to get back into tutoring and working with kids again. After I left 826, I literally could not stop smiling. I can't wait to start working there.

In other news, I GOT AN APARTMENT. Actually, I got a place to stay in an apartment. But it'll sort of be mine. Make sense? It's a way chill place with a guy named Carlos. It's a whole lot more legit than I'm making it sound... Lars came with me to check the place out, and I think it's all gonna work out peachily.

ON TOP of all of that, Lars and I went to go see Drive at the Grove last night. Holy crap, best movie experience of MY LIFE! Not only did I recognize people's names on the screen as people I work with at my internship, but the movie is incredible. It's an experience more than it is a movie. I think it's going to be a huge game-changer actually. The audience was laughing, applauding, gasping, everything you want to happen in a movie. Anyways, it was the cherry on top of an already delicious cake.

So, to recap:

-Internship is awesome. Odd Lot Entertainment is the bee's knees.
-826 LA is going to be great. I'm so excited to work there.
-I have an apartment until December.
-Drive is the greatest movie of the year. Hands down.
-September 16th rivals September 3rd as the greatest day in Los Angeles so far.
-Lars and I are going to make a video about a girl who doesn't know how to make coffee for one of his classes. It's going to be hi-larious. Actually, hopefully it will be hilarious (This is actually new news, not a recap).

So things are going really, really, really well. It sounds stupid, but I just keep waiting for the ball to drop on all of this. It all sounds too good to be true. I've really been looked out for since I've been in Los Angeles. I know for a fact that I couldn't have done all of this by myself.

That's all I got.

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