Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ted, the love of my life.

So I was at Broulims today, shopping with Elizabeth and Amanda. I ran into the carbonated water aisle to pick up some of the good stuff. In front of the carbonated water, though, was a motorized scooter with a man in it. I waited behind the scooter, pretending to look at some chips so he wouldn't feel pressured, and I kept an eye on him to see if he needed any help. Within minute of standing there, he asked me to come over to compare prices on some Lemon/Lime soda. He told me he was making home-made lemonade, and went on to talk about everything he wanted to put in it, and asked me my opinion on all the ingredients. I told him how I would make it, to which he replied, "Ohhhhh you've made this before! Well then...you a student up here?" I told him I was, and then he asked me what my major was. "English." He gave me a disapproving look, and then I asked him what he majored in in school. He told me he'd only been to one year of high school.

"But you wanna know something?....I'm a millionaire."

At first I didn't believe him, and figured it was just one of those things that old men say to kids to get a rise out of them. I asked him how he'd become a millionaire, and he showed me his drivers license, which allows him to carry nuclear chemicals with him on any vehicle he operates. He was also one of two men to set up one of the largest oil pipelines in Evanston, Wyoming. On TOP of that, he owns a business which works on houses, a business that made him $27,000 a month at one point. He then proceeded to show me his credit card, a platinum, no spending limit card from Bank of America with no limit and a gold seal on it. I also got a look at his checkbook, and there were a few zeros in there...

He described more of what he did for a living, told me he'd just bought a new Volkswagon a few days ago, and then said, "So would you like to go out on a date with me?"

At first I thought it was the same kind of thing as the millionaire comment. I laughed and gave him a "Maybe another time." But then he asked again, and told me we'd "have a real nice time, a real nice time." I didn't know what else to say, so I told him I was seeing someone. He asked if I was engaged, and I told him it wasn't that serious yet. He asked what major he was, I said "English, of course." He didn't approve of that. So I gave him a "Well if things don't work out with him, I'll give you a call." He told me I'd better. It was right about then that I was getting sort of uncomfortable, so I pointed to the Carbonated water and told him that was my stop. I grabbed it from the shelf, and he cornered me against his cart and the rest of the Carbonated water. He asked what I liked, and old me I was a very striking young lady, and that I "caught his eye for some reason." He then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't be an English major, but a dancer. I asked him why, and he told me, "Wait, no. Not a dancer...a...a P.E teacher!" He told me I "just fit the bill." Then he told me that I was a beautiful young woman, and that any man would be lucky to have me, and to give him a call one of these days.

OH WAIT, then he told me that he was related to Napoleon, and told me that it was Napoleon that sold us the Louisiana Purchase (Am I wrong, or was it King Louis?). So, we talked about Napoleon and how he's gotten a bad rap through the years. It was very enlightening, to say the least. After that he let me go. We said our goodbyes, I shook his hand, asked him name, we told each other to have a nice day...and I left. I left the man that could've made me the wife of a millionaire before the age of 21.

In other news, the sky in Rexburg was insane today! The clouds were the color of the desert, and the sun was BRIGHT red.

Anyways, good day...

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