Friday, July 30, 2010

Miles to go before I sleep.

Road-trip 2010 Highlights:

I left Idaho on Saturday (July something? 24th?) around 4:30 and got to Utah around 9:30- 10:00. We spent a few minutes at my Grandma/Grandpa Sine's house where I was grilled by my Uncle Scott about what I was doing with my life, then went over to Grandma Cannon's condo to sleep. It was all the same- the smells, the Diet Cokes, the children sprawled all over couches, smelling like sweat and food. I love it.

The next day we got up and went down to Temple Square to walk around and ended up seeing the Joseph Smith movie. I forgot how much I like that movie. Afterwards we went to sacrament meeting with the Cannon grandparents- my first family ward sacrament in 4 months. Kids everywhere, and I still managed to fall asleep.

That night we had Mary Alice's birthday dinner. It's official- none of the sine children are little kids anymore; we're all teenagers or older. It's strange. I feel like it's the end of a dynasty. Anyways, we had dinner and dessert, and played 2 rousing rounds of UNO, annnd then went to bed.

The next few days all sort of melt together now that I look back on them, but I'll give some highlights.

-I know we were in Vegas at one point. We stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel on the strip. I fell asleep around 11:00, which never happens. I didn't even make it to the bathroom to brush my teeth or wash my face. We ate at a so-so Italian restaurant and went to a so-so gym, and that was about it.

-In Utah we hung out at the Sports Mall- my favorite place in Salt Lake City. I got to catch up on my reading/ running/ swimming/ tanning.

-We hung out with the Matheson family, four-wheeling at their farm. Then the Dads reminisced about their days patrolling Berlin. Bless their hearts...

-4 hour drives between Salt Lake and Vegas, and Vegas and Redlands, California. It went by a lot faster than I expected since it was just Ben, Isaac, and I, so it wasn't too shabby.

And Caitie's on skype so I gotta go?

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