Sunday, May 30, 2010


Text Conversation:

Caitie: So what chu writing on that blog o yours?
Annalee: I dunno yet. Any ideas?
Caitie: Dedicate an entire entry to me.

So here it goes...

My first memory of Caitie is in Sunday School, about 11 years ago. The class was sitting in chairs lined along the the walls of the classroom, and I was sitting diagonally from Caitie. I don't remember what the lesson was on, or who was teaching it. All I remember is Caitie sitting there with her scripture case full of candy. Not sharing. I was instantly annoyed with her, and let that annoyance fester over the next couple of years, even after she moved away.

The next time I remember seeing Caitie was walking down the halls of Lees Corner Elementary School. I was returning to class, and I saw her. Standing there. Sharpening her pencil. I don't remember why I was in the hall, or what she or I was wearing, or if I said 'hi,' or waved. All I remember is the annoyance...which I promptly let fester for another couple of years.

I don't remember exactly when we became friends, or why. All I remember are late nights at Caitie's house, playing Sims, making fake commercials, eating inordinate amounts of cookie dough ice cream, and laughing. Always laughing.

This is where is gets cheesy.

Ever since that one summer, we've been best friends. We may have been an ocean apart most of the time, but we always knew the other one was there. Then, each summer, we'd pick up where we left off. She's been a constant in my life ever since the 7th grade, the longest friendship I've ever had. It's literally spanned decades and continents. It's sustained weeks without being able to talk, camping trips that made us hate each other, boys, schools, good times, bad times, all of it. She's one of the few people I know I can count on, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather call my best friend.

And here it is, the Top Ten Things I Love About Caitie Metts:

10. Her sense of style, which is fearless. She can pull anything off.
9. Her addiction to ice. It makes me feel better about my addiction to carbonation.
8. Her sense of adventure. She's up for anything, anytime, with anyone.
7. The laughter. Oh the laughter...
6. The fact that we can go from deep, meaningful conversations, to joking about stupid stuff in 5 minutes.
5. She's a smart cookie, about a million times smarter than people realize at first.
4. Her caring side. She's one of the most compassionate people I know. She's the perfect aunt, and she's gonna make an amazing mother.
3. She can find the good in anyone, and make fun of the ridiculous in them too.
2. Her unpredictability. When that mouth opens, there's no telling what's gonna come out.
1. She's my best friend! I love her, I would do anything for her, and I don't know where I would be without her.


I love you, Caitie Metts!

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