Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bucket List

There are officially 67 (ish) days until I graduate. I'm so scared/ excited/ anxious/ horrified/ twitterpated, it's crazy. Every time I look around me, I think about how this is my last summer ever in Idaho. There's so much crap I have to do here before I go. I've wasted my life in Idaho. Seriously. So here's my list of what I need to do, in Idaho and otherwise....

1. Climb R Mountain.
2. Go to some sort of cave. I'm not picky
3. Attempt a Big Jud
4. Go to a devotional in the BYU-I center
5. Go to the farmer's market
6. Eat at Fongs, that one pancake place, NY Burrito, and Gringos.
7. Go to the hospital because I'm actually hurt.
8. Talk to President Clark
9. Eat an Idaho Spud
10. Go to the Hot Springs

1. Visit 6 of the 7 continents (3 down).
2. Serve a humanitarian mission OR teach abroad (someday, somewhere)
3. Get something published (like, PUBLISHED published)
4. Live by myself OR go on an extended trip by myself.
5. Go to a friggin concert! (that I want to go to)
6. Learn the guitar/piano
7. Skydive and bungee jump
8. Kiss a stranger (eh? ehe?)
9. Cut my hair super short.
10. Skinny dip (suckas!)
11. See the Northern lights
12. Visit the Library of Congress
13. Go to Fashion Week in Paris, LA, and NY
14. Go to Sundance, Venice, and Cannes Film Festivals
15. Oh yeah, and get married and have kids and stuff...

That's it, for now...

In other news, last weekend was the tops.

Silos, Kentucky Derby, the fort, 4:30 am, Jimmy Johns, Dr. Who, "Well....yeah."

Goodness gracious :)

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This is really great.