Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Vibrations

Good things:

1. I have 1,500 new songs in my iTunes library courtesy of Taylor, with more to come. My favorites so far (new stuff and old favorites)- Atlas Sound, Yo La Tengo, Lee Perry, No Age, Animal Collective, The Eels, Ruby Suns, Wilco, Lou Reed, Jack White, Son House, Khonner, Dan Auerbach, and I rediscovered "My Darling" by Wilco. Mmmm....

2. Doing the dishes- Makes me feel at home faster than anything else can.

4. The Road- Still reading it, still loving it.

5. The gym- Treadmill, I missed you.

6. Giant runs- Mary Alice and I went last night and bought literally everything we wanted. I felt like a kid in a candy (grocery) store.

7. Humidity- This one borders on being a bad thing, but since I've been home I haven't even touched lotion, and my hair is silky AND manageable.

8. Forever 21 men's section- Who knew?

9. Canada is the new Europe- The fam decided not to go to Europe and decided to go to Montreal instead. We were disappointed at first, but whatcha gonna do? I've never been to Canada, and I still get to practice French, AND Montreal is gorgeous.

10. Paul Simon- I love, love, love Paul Simon. Ever since I was a kid, he's been one of my favorite singers. Every time I listen to him I'm instantly 10 times happier than before I pressed play.

11. New albums- Arcade Fire's new album is pretty darn catchy and Weezer's coming out with Hurley on September 14th- which means my crushes on Rivers Cuomo and Scott Shriner are back in full effect.

12. September 2nd- 4 days in Los Angeles with muh BFF. I'm really not seeing any down-side here.

13. Time- I got a lot of it. And it's free.

14. Fall semester- I worked out my class/work schedule for Fall semester, and I'm pretty psyched for it. Online classes are the best thing choice I've ever made.

15. S'all good.

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